Stillness in a Shaken World

Sat, Dec 9 | 10am – 1:30pm
with Resident Teacher, Kadam Lucy James
– Downtown, 1336 Glenarm Place, Denver
Cost: $30 (1/2 off for Members, Free for Supporting Members/Great Benefactors)

Stillness in a Shaken WorldEver feel like your universe and/or relationships are getting off balance and you want to get back to center?

Equanimity puts us in touch with reality, and in this way grounds us, centers us, and makes us feel very peaceful. Instead of being like a puppet on a string — yanked here and there by our aversions, cravings, and indifference — living with equanimity gives us a warm feeling of friendship toward everyone. Upon this stable foundation we can easily develop true love and compassion, and stay calm even in the midst of craziness/crises.

Come along and learn the time-tested easy steps toward this goal. The course includes instruction and guided Buddhist meditations, as well as a chance to discuss any questions.


10am – 11:30am | Session 1
Break for refreshments
12pm – 1:30pm | Session 2

registration & cost

Regular Cost – $30
GP Member Cost – $15
Supporting Member – Free

Online registration is now closed. Drop-ins are welcome!