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A Rocky Mountain Retreat Adventure Awaits You

A Rocky Mountain Retreat Adventure Awaits You
A letter from Kadam Lucy

Dear students and friends of KMC Colorado,

By now you’ve probably heard that we’re doing a meditation retreat in the mountains – the first one in a few years, but following in the long and noble tradition of popular retreats held by KMC Colorado. We found a new facility that we really like the look of, near Decker; and the retreat takes place over the New Year, thus doubling up as a fantastic alternate NYE celebration! (Includes roasting marshmallows by the fire …)

We are putting this retreat on for YOU! So I wanted to say a bit about it in case you can come.

First of all, the teachings and guided meditations will allow us to discover a lot of peace and happiness, love and wisdom. There is a Kadampa tradition of doing retreats in January, and I have done them every year for 40 years. In a retreat, we have a chance to go deeper, really able to let go of our usual busyness, preoccupations, and worries, experiencing a realistic, spacious, and life-enhancing perspective that will continue to benefit us and others in 2023. We can take our spiritual practice up a notch. Retreats are the best possible way to start the New Year, and my hands down favorite times.
I hear a lot of people complaining that life is too busy – and ordinarily it can feel that way; but a lot of that feeling of busyness comes not from all that we have to get done but from not having sufficient mindfulness and mental peace. These qualities, which improve on retreat, give us all the time, space, and freedom from surplus worrying thoughts we need to do what needs to be done. Even with poor concentration, we are generally more peaceful, relaxed, and happy on retreat than in our ordinary fast-paced, externalized lives.

Secondly, this spiritual vacation will also be a great time to make and strengthen friendships with some very cool people. Our Sangha community is supportive and there for us through the ups and downs of our lives – we are very lucky to have it!

Talking of which, we are inviting families and will have some events for the kids, as well as a video link room.

Thirdly, the location is beautiful and there’ll be time for strolls and hikes and just soaking up the mountains. The facility is in the so-called “Banana Belt”, experiencing a lot of sunshine and blue skies. But bring your warm coats and hiking boots as well because this is Colorado. Accommodation is not fancy, but it is comfortable and warm; and the (vegetarian) meals will be delicious.

This is not a five-star hotel, which is just as well as it means we can keep it as affordable as possible. If you’d like to come but need some financial concessions to do so, please reach out to her at, Kate:

Feel free to bring The New Eight Steps to Happiness, if you have it (paper or electronic), and you can also get one in the bookstore at the retreat. If you have any questions, please hit reply to this email. Otherwise, you can just go ahead and register below! Try to get your deposit down before December 7th to get the $75 early bird discount.

To find out a bit more about retreats, check out this article: Doing meditation retreat.

Thank you for reading this. I am so much looking forward to spending this quality time with you!!!

With love and prayers,
Kadam Lucy
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Post by Kadam Lucy James
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