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Amitayus Retreat

Prayers for Wisdom & Long Life

Guided by  Jamie Holland

Saturday, March 5th

9am—4pm | In-person & livestream


COST $40

1/2 price for Supporter Basic Members
Free for Supporter Plus Members

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In Person Attendance:
We have limited space; must preregister for in person

Livestream Attendance:
When you buy a digital event or retreat (ie livestream), the event will be available live, and a video replay will be available through a link for 10 days.  

About the Retreat

In this blissful one-day retreat we have the opportunity to increase our life span, merit (good karma), and wisdom through the special meditation practice of Buddha Amitayus.

Our human life is our most precious possession because it gives us the opportunity to improve ourselves and attain the supreme happiness of enlightenment, thus being in a position to help everyone! We therefore need a long and healthy life. To engage successfully in spiritual practice we also need wisdom, as well as the merit or good fortune that strengthens our mind and supports the growth of spiritual realizations.

This retreat will also be specially dedicated to the long life of the founder of Kadampa Buddhism in this modern world, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso—affectionately known as Geshe-la—has devoted his entire life to the study, practice and flourishing of Kadampa Buddhist teachings throughout the world. Through his great dedication and skill, everyone—regardless of race, nationality, culture, age, or gender—has the opportunity to practice scientifically-proven methods for solving the problems of daily life that ultimately lead to true and lasting happiness. May he live for a very long time!

Everyone is welcome to attend this event regardless of meditation experience.

Who is Buddha Amitayus?

Amitayus is the Buddha of long life, merit and wisdom. By engaging in Amitayus practice, we can develop these qualities and eventually attain the deathless state of enlightenment. We can also use this practice to help remove obstacles that endanger the lives of others, especially our friends, family and teachers.

The Yoga of Buddha Amitayus
Download from Tharpa.com


Saturday, March 5

Session 1 - 9 -10:30am

Session 2 - 11:15 - 12:45pm

Session 3 - 2:30- 4:00pm

About the Teacher

Jamie has been practicing Kadampa Buddhist meditation since 2002 and helps out at KMC Colorado in numerous ways. His teachings are full of humor and practical examples that illuminate the depth of Buddha’s profound teachings, making them accessible for everyone to apply to their daily lives.

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