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By Donation Meditation Classes

Anyone can access these classes by choosing any donation level ($0 to $12+)

On Demand Meditations
(online attendance only)

Eight on demand meditations for you to view as often as you like!

Discover how meditation empowers you to access a deeper sense of inner peace, happiness, and well-being, enabling you to feel genuinely and consistently good on the inside.

Connecting to the natural peace and joy within our mind opens us up to recognizing and identifying with the potential for happiness, inner strength and other good qualities that exist within each and everyone of us. We will learn how training in meditation and mindfulness can help anyone to strengthen and grow all these inner qualities.

No previous experience is necessary. Suitable for beginners and for people who are more experienced. Everyone welcome!

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Lunchtime Meditations
(In-person attendance only)

Tuesdays, 12:00-12:30pm
with Kelsang Labsum

Class is canceled Tuesday, Jan.25th due to bad weather. See you next week!

Take half an hour at lunchtime to cultivate inner peace so you can enjoy the rest of the day with an inspired and positive mind. The lunchtime classes combine guided meditation with practical methods of how to stay happy and positive through the challenges of modern life.

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Morning Meditations
(online attendance only)

Wednesdays, 7:30-8:00am
with Dylan Jordan

If you’re a morning person, this short meditation class is for you, and if you’re not, it’s for you too!

Starting your day with 30 minutes of meditation can make everything go a lot smoother. By spending time in meditation, you will learn how to access the natural peace and power that exist within your mind, which will give you real confidence and joy in daily activities.

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