IMPORTANT UPDATE: 6 month renovation project underway at KMC CO Main Center | Find weekly classes and events in your area

Saturday, August 27th | 10:30am-12:30pm, 1-2:30pm (optional lunch)

Join in the fun as we work together to spread the word about the classes and events offered at the Center. Spend an hour or so out in the local area, posting flyers and postcards with information about what the Center offers. We will start together at 10:30, set our intention and then go out in pairs or small groups to flyer. We’ll end the day at a pre-determined space (i.e. restaurant) to “refresh” and relax.

Flyering (sharing publicity in the local area) is a powerful method to benefit others by sharing and inviting people to come experience the wonderful effects of meditation and Dharma practice first hand. It’s also a wonderful way to meet and connect with new people. But mainly, it is really fun!

As a volunteer-run, non-profit organization Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado relies on the kindness of volunteers to help publicize the Center. Everyone is welcome.

*Feel free to come for a part of the time as well. Just be sure to contact the Center so we can let you know where to meet a group. For more information, contact the Education Program Coordinator, Erica, at

© 2023 KMC Colorado is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
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