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Lowry Neighborhood 
of Denver

First class April 8th!
Saturdays | 12:30-1:45pm

Buddhist Meditation Classes

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$15 per class, or $45 for monthly series*
*Cards only | no cash accepted in-person 

Free for Monthly Supporting Members

No one turned away for lack of funds.
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Root to Rise Yoga
101 Ulster Ct suite 101
Denver, CO 80230

Meditation: the way to health and happiness

A special public talk

Saturday, April 8th | 7:00-8:15pm

What do you think of when you think of inner peace and happiness? Is it a feeling you chase after but can never quite reach, or a state of mind you can tune into and grow if you know how?

Come along and learn how to do this! This inspiring event will be helpful both for people who already have some meditation experience and for complete beginners

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About this class

Welcome to meditation classes in Lowry! We offer clear instructions and guided meditations that anyone can do. See below for monthly topics.

  • Each class includes guided meditations and advice for a happy life taken from Buddha’s teachings
  • All classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced practitioners
  • Each class is self-contained and is also presented as part of a series over a month
  • Drop into any class you like
  • No special clothing is required
  • No pre-registration is necessary
  • Chairs (and sometimes mats) are supplied

We welcome all new attendees regardless of religious affiliation, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, or socio-economic status.

General Program classes take place at this location and at our other branch class locations throughout Colorado. Learn more about all our meditation classes and about our main center here.


Meditation for renewal

In this series of classes, reignite your joy and mental peace through guided meditations and teachings on Buddhist wisdom. Through meditation we can naturally free our mind from the stains of self-concern, stress, and worry. With deep experience of these meditations, we can maintain a joyful, peaceful mind all the time, no matter how challenging our life may be.

Week 1: New beginnings
Week 2: Relax and refresh
Week 3: Believing in a new you
Week 4: The meditation game changer


How to be happy

Every difficulty can be a traumatic experience or an opportunity for growth – what is it in us that decides?

We tend to reject a lot of our life because it's difficult, or we repress our unpleasant experiences; but this makes us unhappy, solves nothing, and wastes much of our time. In this series we will come to understand how we ourselves are involved in the trauma within our own minds, learning to face difficulties and overcome them instead of feeling hurt and injured. Rather than being defeated by long-held patterns of repression, fear, and judgment, we can understand where our resistance comes from and replace it with wise, spacious minds like patience, love, and compassion. 

Week 1: Feeling less frustrated and overwhelmed
Week 2: Feeling less critical
Week 3: Feeling more patient
Week 4: Feeling more self-confident
Week 5: Feeling more compassionate


The power of connection

In modern life, almost everyone experiences some degree of fear, anxiety and loneliness. By discovering their underlying causes and learning new ways of thinking, we can reduce and eventually overcome these bad habits of mind.

Crossing through the barriers that separate us from others opens us to a new world of intimacy. The quiet impulse that draws us toward being close to others is the same impulse that invites us toward a spiritual life. We long to move beyond the boundaries of normal appearances!

In this meditation series, discover Buddha’s specific teachings on how to radically change our mental attitude and learn how to unlock our potential for emotional freedom, and happiness.

Week 1: Mental Health is your Nature
Week 2: The Key to Happiness
Week 3: The Key to Overcoming Anxiety
Week 4: The Mental Health Journey
Week 5: The Joy of Healthy Loving Relationships


Daniel Klein

Daniel first attended dharma class ten years ago in Phoenix, Arizona and is now in the Teacher Training Program. Daniel is known for his calm demeanor, humor and clear and inspiring teachings. He is currently an attorney and partner at a local law firm.

Hugo Rojas

Originally from Columbia, Spanish is his first language. As a husband, father and professional Hugo understands how to apply meditation to his daily life to experience peace and happiness. He has been a member of KMC Colorado since 2015 and is currently in our Teacher Training Program

Nirav Shah

Nirav has been a student on our Buddhism In-depth study program and regularly helps facilitate the class. He regularly teaches meditation and works in the non-profit sector.

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