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The Middle Way: Finding Freedom from the Eight Extremes

December 11 - December 12

The eight extremes are eight ways in which out of ignorance we misapprehend reality. Due to this we perceive ourselves in a state of painful isolation from others and our world. We see our limitations as real and feel stuck, completely cut off from the extraordinary potential for limitless happiness, love, and freedom that exists within all of us.

During this meditation course we will use the eight extremes as the springboard for exploring emptiness, the true nature of things, from different approaches. Through contemplating production, subtle impermanence, singularity and other misunderstood characteristics of reality, we will enhance our experience of emptiness, the solution to all of our problems, and its application to our daily life.

Set in the blessed environment of KMC Colorado and online this is an event not to be missed for all those who wish to better understand and experience the liberating wisdom of emptiness.


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