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October 25 is Je Tsongkhapa Day, when we remember the great kindness of Je Tsongkhapa.

The following is extracted from a talk given by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso on Je Tsongkhapa Day 1996 at Manjushri KMC .

‘Before Je Tsongkhapa appeared in Tibet, many Tibetan scholars and practitioners already knew that he was coming because of predictions made by Buddha Shakyamuni that in the future Manjushri would appear as the Tibetan Lama, Je Tsongkhapa.

You may recall that Buddha in his Root Tantra of Manjushri said to his Heart Disciple Manjushri:

After I pass away
And my pure doctrine is absent,
You will appear as an ordinary being,
Performing the deeds of a Buddha
And establishing the Joyful Land, the great Protector,
In the Land of the Snows.

‘The Land of the Snows’ refers to Tibet, and ‘Joyful Land’ refers both to Ganden Monastery and to the Ganden doctrine, the great Protector.

Buddha was saying that in the future, after he had passed away and his pure doctrine was finished, at that time Manjushri would appear in the aspect of an ordinary being but would perform exactly the same actions as a Buddha, and in particular he would establish Ganden Monastery and the great Protector, the Ganden doctrine, or Je Tsongkhapa’s Dharma, in Tibet.

September 22 marks the celebration of Buddha’s Return from Heaven Day. On this day Kadampa Centers around the world engage in special prayers and make offering to celebrate this special day.


During the summer months when insects and other tiny animals are abundant, Buddha encouraged his disciples to avoid harming them by not moving around any more than necessary. For this purpose he held a three-month 'rainy season retreat' with his disciples.

Buddha had deep concern for the welfare of his mother who had given him life, and never neglected her even after she died

After she died, his mother took rebirth in a heavenly realm, called Land of the Thirty-three Heavens because it has thirty-three different types of god. One year, during the annual summer retreat Buddha visited his mother there to give teachings to her and the other gods.

Buddha returned from that realm to the human world to continue helping the beings living here

Buddha remained in that heavenly realm for three months, leading his mother and the other gods on the path to enlightenment. Then, as the summer retreat came to an end in the human realm, he returned to our world to continue helping all the beings reborn here. Every year we celebrate this auspicious day on September 22.

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