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Want to learn about meditation and/or deepen your skills? Join us for a mini guided meditation course with Kadam Lucy James.

In busy modern life we have so many things to distract and upset us. How does this affect you? Most people find their mind is constantly jumping from one thing to another and the noisy internal chatter never stops. By the end of the day we feel tired and scattered. But it doesn't need to be like this ...

Anyone can learn to experience more peace of mind, stillness, and joy. On this Saturday morning, in two one-hour sessions, you will receive practical, inspiring advice and be guided in meditation by someone who has been practicing for over 40 years and is well known for her ability to help people meditate. Whether you are new to meditation or have some prior knowledge, you are sure to enjoy this wonderful event!

Join us in a beautiful setting for a rare and experiential journey into a full understanding of emptiness, the union of the two truths. Buddha taught many levels of the union of the two truths according to both Sutra (where he explained the union of conventional and ultimate truth) and Tantra (where he explained the union of appearance and emptiness). It is through these teachings that we can complete our understanding of Dharma and attain enlightenment in this life.

“When we gain the realization of equanimity our mind becomes peaceful and we do not feel disturbed whatever our circumstances. This balanced attitude is something that we need to cultivate because we do not have it naturally from the very beginning of our spiritual training. If everyone were to develop equanimity they would not be governed by attachment and hatred, and they would find freedom from suffering”. – Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Nyungnay is a special fasting and purification practice performed in conjunction with prostrations and prayers to Thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion. This is a very powerful method for purifying negativity of body, speech, and mind, and for pacifying delusions such as strong attachment and anger. It is also a special way of improving our minds of love, compassion, and receiving the compassionate blessings of Avalokiteshvara. This practice is done annually at Kadampa Buddhist centers throughout the world to celebrate Buddha’s Enlightenment Day.

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