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Life can be more than being ok-ish! Each and every one of us has the potential to always feel connected, at peace, purposeful and authentically joy-filled.

Unfortunately, many of us are living disconnected lives. Disconnected from our true potential for peace. Modern life is insanely chaotic, noisy, demanding and busy … and MOST of us are getting lost in it. But it’s no way to live.

Join us to learn more about Foundation Program and find out if it’s right for you! Now’s your chance to deepen your knowledge of Buddhism! We are excited to announce that Guest teacher Gen Kelsang Tabkay will be giving an introduction to the Foundation Program at KMC Colorado.

The Buddhist understanding of death, dying, and beyond is enormously interesting and beneficial. It is based on the experience of many generations of practitioners who have directly realized the indestructible nature of consciousness in meditation.

In this day course, internationally known and experienced Buddhist teacher Kadam Lucy will explain the life-affirming meditation on death and impermanence, along with the Buddhist understanding of consciousness. Acknowledging our own impermanence will give us a new and inspired appreciation for each day, and allow us to prepare skillfully for the inevitable so that we no longer need to fear it. This course will also help us to help loved ones who are dying or who have died, including our pets.

You are warmly invited to an Open House at Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado. Stop by to meet the teachers and community, tour the meditation shrine, enjoy refreshments and snacks, and participate in a free guided meditation. You may also browse our bookstore, see beautiful Buddhist art, and ask questions about meditation and modern Buddhism. Everyone welcome!

Without a reliable source of refuge, we can easily end up feeling powerless or enraged with everything going on in our crazy messed up world. As Prince Siddhartha, Buddha left his luxurious life in the palace to see if he could find a lasting source of protection for himself and everyone else. He could, and he has shared it with us.

Join us for a talk on a practical approach to refuge that will energize our spiritual life, followed by the actual Buddhist Refuge Ceremony, a blessed ritual meditation dating back to the time of Buddha Shakyamuni. This Ceremony draws us closer to the love and protection of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha; and you can choose whether you use it to formally become a Buddhist or simply as a powerful blessing and inspiration on your spiritual journey.

The day concludes with a delicious lunch with the Sangha community.

We want happiness and because we think pleasant feelings are real happiness, we crave them. We crave the “happiness hits” that come from coffee, food, praise, shopping, intoxicants, sex, and other things which can provoke unhealthy habits that interfere with true happiness. Moreover, with uncontrolled desire in our minds, we actually experience stronger agitation, discontent, and suffering.

Every difficulty can be a traumatic experience or an opportunity for growth – what is it in us that decides?

We tend to reject a lot of our life because it's difficult, or we repress our unpleasant experiences; but this makes us unhappy, solves nothing, and wastes much of our time. In this meditation event with Kadam Lucy James she will explain how we can come to understand how we ourselves are involved in the trauma within our own minds, learning to face difficulties and overcome them instead of feeling hurt and injured.

Rather than being defeated by long-held patterns of repression, fear, and judgment, we can understand where our resistance comes from and replace it with wise, spacious minds like patience, love, and compassion.


Carl Park Community Center
5401 Meade St, Denver, CO 80221

Happiness is a state of mind -- an underlying sense of contentment, fulfillment, and satisfaction. And the truth is that we already have this within us, readily accessible. Although it may be buried beneath layers of thoughts and emotions, through meditation we can tap into it and increase it day by day, until we experience an enduring peace and freedom.

Come along and learn how to do this! This inspiring event will be helpful both for people who already have some meditation experience and for complete beginners.


PranaTonic Yoga + Wellness

1224 Washington Ave #210, Golden

Saturday, September 16


Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy to feel mental pain? Why the world and our own life are filled with problems? And if it is even possible to become completely peaceful and free from negative thoughts and unhappy feelings?

Of all of Buddha’s teachings, none is more far-reaching than his explanation of how things actually exist – not outside the mind, solid, fixed, and real — but as in a dream. With this wisdom we open the door to limitless freedom, transformation, and happiness, through which we can also be of deep benefit to others and the world.

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