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Join in this fun, social, and meaningful experience...

We are offering a one-hour course on mantra followed by a one and a half hour afternoon workshop making malas. You are welcome to attend either or both sessions! Snacks are provided.

Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy to feel mental pain? Why the world and our own life are filled with problems? And if it is even possible to become completely peaceful and free from negative thoughts and unhappy feelings?

Of all of Buddha’s teachings, none is more far-reaching than his explanation of how things actually exist – not outside the mind, solid, fixed, and real — but as in a dream. With this wisdom we open the door to limitless freedom, transformation, and happiness, through which we can also be of deep benefit to others and the world.

Guru yoga is an especially powerful method for receiving the blessings of the Buddhas and increasing our merit. By following the Sutra path alone it would take a thousand aeons to accumulate the vast amount of merit needed to attain Buddhahood, but, as Sakya Pandita observed, by wholeheartedly practicing Guru yoga we can accumulate the same amount of merit in the brief span of one human life.

Now’s your chance to deepen your knowledge of Buddhism and train as a Kadampa teacher! Kadam Lucy James will be giving an introduction to the Teacher Training Program at KMC Colorado. This is our 1st ever Open House to this unique program on Sunday September 10th at 4:30pm. You can learn more about the book we are studying, the program itself and its benefits.

Now’s your chance to deepen your knowledge of Buddhism! Kadam Lucy James will be giving an introduction to the Foundation Program at KMC Colorado. This is our 1st every Open House to this unique program on Thursday, May 18th at 6:30pm. You can learn more about the book we are studying, the Foundation Program itself and its benefits. You will enjoy a delicious snacks and beverages as well.

The Foundation Program gives you the opportunity to engage in a structured study and meditation program on the essential teachings of the Buddhist spiritual path right here at Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado.

If you have the wish to deepen your knowledge and experience of Buddhism, the Foundation Program is the next step.

Buddha’s Tantric teachings are methods that harness the imagination to produce powerful inner transformation and deep inner peace. While the practice of Tantra is very extensive, this course will give a basic introduction including some practical methods that anyone can use right away. Through these special meditations we can experience profound inner change quickly.

Every difficulty can be a traumatic experience or an opportunity for growth – what is it in us that decides?

We tend to reject a lot of our life because it's difficult, or we repress our unpleasant experiences; but this makes us unhappy, solves nothing, and wastes much of our time. In this meditation event with Kadam Lucy James she will explain how we can come to understand how we ourselves are involved in the trauma within our own minds, learning to face difficulties and overcome them instead of feeling hurt and injured.

Rather than being defeated by long-held patterns of repression, fear, and judgment, we can understand where our resistance comes from and replace it with wise, spacious minds like patience, love, and compassion.

Want to learn about meditation and/or deepen your skills? Join us for a mini guided meditation course with Kadam Lucy James.

In busy modern life we have so many things to distract and upset us. How does this affect you? Most people find their mind is constantly jumping from one thing to another and the noisy internal chatter never stops. By the end of the day we feel tired and scattered. But it doesn't need to be like this ...

Anyone can learn to experience more peace of mind, stillness, and joy. On this Saturday morning, in two one-hour sessions, you will receive practical, inspiring advice and be guided in meditation by someone who has been practicing for over 40 years and is well known for her ability to help people meditate. Whether you are new to meditation or have some prior knowledge, you are sure to enjoy this wonderful event!

We could do something truly radical by using our life to become a friend of the world, a modern-day Bodhisattva. Compassion fuels their entire spiritual progress. They understand that the most far-reaching and satisfying way to help others is to keep growing their own innate qualities of generosity, moral discipline, patience, joyful effort, concentration, and wisdom – the so-called six perfections – until they become an enlightened Buddha able to help everyone all the time.

Join us for a public talk and special series of classes with international meditation teacher Kadam Lucy James! Our mind is our greatest natural resource but all too often we fail to recognize the mind for the wonder that it is. We see our mind as limited and relate to it as something fixed and stuck and consequently often feel trapped in painful states of mind. Our mind the creator of our entire experience and therefore the key determining factor in whether we are happy or unhappy.

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