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The Buddhist understanding of death, dying, and beyond is enormously interesting and beneficial. It is based on the experience of many generations of practitioners who have directly realized the indestructible nature of consciousness in meditation.

In this day course, internationally known and experienced Buddhist teacher Kadam Lucy will explain the life-affirming meditation on death and impermanence, along with the Buddhist understanding of consciousness. Acknowledging our own impermanence will give us a new and inspired appreciation for each day, and allow us to prepare skillfully for the inevitable so that we no longer need to fear it. This course will also help us to help loved ones who are dying or who have died, including our pets.

All too often we can become overwhelmed by our feelings. We can feel stuck, as if controlled by these feelings, left unable to deal with our challenges. We feel lost. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When we begin to understand how our mind works and functions in daily life we will see that we are able to reverse this situation and we can actually be in control of our feelings. With Buddha’s teachings and the practice of meditation we will find ourselves ready and able to deal with any situation with a calm and peaceful mind.

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