Renovation project underway at KMC CO | Offering weekly classes and events in your area

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KMC CO Main Center is officially under construction to build out our new temple! During our building project, we are holding Weekly Classes, as well as Special Events & Retreats, in many locations around Colorado.

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Meditation, Mental Health & The Black Community

The practice of meditation can aid people in reducing stress and enhancing their mental health and well being. For a happy and fulfilling existence, mental health and stress management are […]

Meditation: The Way to Health & Happiness (Golden)

Happiness is a state of mind -- an underlying sense of contentment, fulfillment, and satisfaction. And the truth is that we already have this within us, readily accessible. Although it may […]

Buddha's Return from Heaven Day

Every year on September 22 we celebrate Buddha’s return from the desire god realm called Land of the Thirty-three Heavens, where he had been to visit his mother who had […]

Break Bad Habits (Evergreen Half Day Course)

We want happiness and because we think pleasant feelings are real happiness, we crave them. We crave the “happiness hits” that come from coffee, food, praise, shopping, intoxicants, sex, and […]

International Fall Festival

DEVELOPING A PURE HEART Empowerment of Medicine Buddha Teaching on The Eleven Reversals with Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab OCTOBER 6  - 12, 2023 - AT KMC SPAIN At the Fall Festival […]

Guru Yoga Mandala Retreat

Guru Yoga and Mandala offering retreat combines two of the four great preliminary guides that we need to practice if we want to gain mahamudra realisations – the quick path […]

A Thriving Life: Boulder Public Talk

Life can be more than being ok-ish! Each and every one of us has the potential to always feel connected, at peace, purposeful and authentically joy-filled. Unfortunately, many of us […]

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