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All Weekly Classes will be in-person only starting Sept 1st; Study Programs will continue to be in-person & online

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Recurring Event Buddhism In-Depth

Buddhism In-Depth

4840 West 29th Avenue, Denver, CO

This course is based on the teachings within Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's latest book, The Mirror of Dharma. Dharma means the teachings of enlightened beings and this book is directed […]

Refuge Vow & Retreat Ceremony

4840 West 29th Avenue, Denver, CO

Join us for a talk on a practical approach to refuge that will energize our spiritual life, followed by the actual Buddhist Refuge Ceremony, a blessed ritual meditation dating back […]

Offering to the Spiritual Guide

4840 West 29th Avenue, Denver, CO

This is a special practice of relying upon our Spiritual Guide as a Buddha and making praises and requests to him, but it also contains beautiful essential instructions on all […]

Recurring Event Dakini Yoga

Dakini Yoga

Kadampa Meditation Center 4840 West 29th Avenue, Denver, CO

Vajrayogini is a female enlightened Deity of Highest Yoga Tantra, who is the manifestation of the wisdom of all Buddhas. Having received the Empowerment, and by engaging sincerely in this […]

Refuge Retreat (click on event to see the schedule)

4840 West 29th Avenue, Denver, CO

During this retreat, we will spend time developing the powerful mind of refuge, our actual protection from pain and problems. Through the practice of refuge, relying on the three jewels […]

Recurring Event Heart Jewel

Heart Jewel

Kadampa Meditation Center 4840 West 29th Avenue, Denver, CO

Heart Jewel is the heart essence of Kadampa Buddhism and many Kadampas do these prayers as part of their daily practice. Buddhas or enlightened beings can appear or emanate as anything, […]

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