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Foundation Program

with Kadam Lucy James

Thursday Evenings | 6:30-8:30pm

Attend & Experience Two Free Foundation Program Classes!

Try Foundation Program before you join by choosing on one of the following options. Note: you will be asked to enter the dates for two consecutive Thursdays which you would like to attend.

Trail classes are on hold until our next book
*Online classes are for those who have hardship in attending KMC CO in-person, such as living more than an hour away or disability. 


Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado
4840 W 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80212

What is the Foundation Program exactly?

The Foundation Program is a global study program that is offered in hundreds of Buddhist Centers around the world.

Our FP gives you the opportunity to engage in a step by step study and practice of the essential teachings and meditations of the Buddhist spiritual path to enlightenment, right here at KMC Colorado, with a highly qualified Buddhist teacher.

To make successful and consistent spiritual progress, it is important to have a close connection with a qualified teacher who can give us personal advice and encouragement, to listen to pure Dharma teachings, and to be a part of a strong spiritual community. Through regular teachings & meditation, in-depth study, contemplative prayers, and group discussion, the FP offers the same training followed by spiritual practitioners in an unbroken lineage dating all the way back to Buddha Shakyamuni.

Become a Foundation Program Student!

Please e-mail the Education Program Coordinator, Erica, for more information and to learn how to become an official student of the Foundation Program at KMC CO.


Cost: Any Level of Membership*

*Foundation Program Fees are part of our Monthly Supporter program and include all weekly classes, and discount on day courses, guided retreats, and other special events.

What is the structure of the class & what is a typical class like?

The secret of the Foundation Program’s success lies in the manageable commitment made by the student and in the clear structure of study. Students sign up to study a book, and agree to attend every class (or catch up), read the material, and discuss with an assigned partner in the class.

Prior to class, students read a portion of the text, usually a few pages long, and take to heart the essential points. Most classes consist of contemplative prayers, guided meditation, and a reading and explanation of the text. The students then divide into pairs to discuss the material. Once the teacher has answered any questions, she and the students conclude by deciding how to bring these insights into daily life that week. Some classes are group discussions, which are helpful and enjoyable.

How and when do I attend?

This class is once a week on Thursdays from 6:30-8:30pm. You can attend either in-person or online*, depending on factors such as health, distance or family situation.

* to qualify for online classes you must meet certain criteria such as living too far away or disability. Everyone else is asked to attend classes in-person.


Kadam Lucy James

Our main teacher at KMC Colorado is Kadam Lucy James. One of the senior teachers of Kadampa Buddhism, Kadam Lucy has taught extensively in England, Florida, and San Francisco, and helped set up many thriving meditation centers since 1981. She is a leading expert in meditation and is regularly invited to teach courses around the United States and Europe due to her skill in presenting both simple and profound subjects with great clarity. For many years, one of her main jobs was to help with the editing and production of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s books, and she has engaged in extensive meditation retreat.

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