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Kids Meditation Class

For children 5 – 12 years old

Currently on hold, we plan on starting kids class back up when we open our new center to in person classes in the near future. Please check back in and contact [email protected] with questions.


$5 per class
Please Check back in...
Kids’ Meditation Class 
Teachings, Guided Meditations, & Crafts  
10:30am - 12:00pm

Kate has been studying Kadampa Buddhist meditation since 2003 and is currently the Admin Director of KMC CO. Being a school teacher by profession, Kate has a clear and practical way of teaching meditation that is easy to understand and apply to daily life and perfect for children.

Watching our Happiness Grow

The kids’ class teaches kids how to meditate plus introduces them to foundational Buddhist concepts: how to connect to a sense of inner peace, to identify with our astounding potential, develop compassion and gratitude for the kindness of others, and let go of agitating states of mind like anger and jealousy.

Buddhist concepts might sometimes be deep, but kids understand them. They understand the exponential power of kindness. Sometimes even better than grownups, they connect to their imaginations and realize that we are who we decide to be. They learn that our negative emotions are like clouds passing in the clear blue sky of our minds. These lessons in meditation can plant seeds in these young minds that will flower for years to come, giving them insight into the power we have to create our own experiences.

Each creative class will include time for meditation instruction, a brief meditation and playful activities such as stories, arts/crafts, songs and games.

Suitable for kids 5-12. Parents of younger children are encouraged to stay in classes with their children. Parents of older children are welcome to attend the Sunday Morning Meditation class that happens simultaneously. 

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