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Mala Making & the Magic of Mantra

Saturday, August 5th | 10:00AM-2:00PM

Saturday, August 5th | 10:00AM-2:00PM



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Join in this fun, social, and meaningful experience...

We are offering a one-hour course on mantra followed by a one and a half hour afternoon workshop making malas. You are welcome to attend either or both sessions! Snacks are provided.

The Magic of Mantra | 10am – 11am
with Kate Franklin

Mantra, a Sanskrit word that means "protection", sometimes refers to a particular phrase that is recited, but also has a deeper meaning. Mantra recitation is an important – and some might say magical – aspect of meditation practice. On this course we will learn what mantra is, the basics of mantra recitation, how to incorporate mantra recitation into our meditation practice, and the good results that come from mantra recitation.

Mala Making Workshop | 11:30AM– 2:00 pm

What we will learn during this workshop:

The significance of a mala or prayer beads.
How to make a mala.
How to use a mala.

Malas or prayer beads are used when reciting mantras. For Buddhist practitioners, their personal mala becomes a blessed and meaningful object. In this practical and hands-on workshop, we will learn the traditional technique of mala-making and go home with our very own mala.

*All supplies for this event will be provided

About the Teacher

Kate Franklin

Kate has been studying Kadampa Buddhist meditation since 2003 and has been the Admin Director and Education Program Coordinator at multiple Kadampa centers around the US. She is currently the Admin Director at KMC CO. Being a school teacher by profession, Kate has a clear and practical way of teaching meditation that is easy to understand and apply to daily life.

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