Renovation project underway at KMC CO | Offering weekly classes and events in your area

Kadampa Meditation Center's 
2023 Renovation Project

Construction officially began  March 2023! 

KMC CO Main Center is officially under construction to build out our new temple! During our building project, we are holding Weekly Classes, as well as Special Events & Retreats, in many locations around Colorado.

4840 W 29th Avenue, Denver, CO 80212

A Much Needed Refuge in Colorado

Help Build a Stunning Kadampa Buddhist Temple for World Peace

Dear Friends,

If we build it, they will come …

It’s hard to believe that a little over a year and a half ago we moved into our new property at 4840 W. 29th Ave in the SloHi Neighborhood. This year has brought tremendous change for us and we are so much stronger for it—thanks to you! Our renovation project is projected to be finished by December 2023! We are so excited to watch our building transform into a huge meditation hall, patio, bookstore, cafe, and residence for students and our kind teacher.

We are so fortunate that our community has grown at a time when many spiritual centers have struggled to keep open. Even in the face of pandemic related complications, challenging building requirements, relocating, and the rising cost of inflation, we have been able to do almost the unthinkable—expand! Our new location has been incredibly successful. New people are finding us—we have more people than ever—and our established community has thrived.

Buddha’s teachings give people the invaluable ability to access their own inner peace and discover authentic hope and inspiration. In a time when our society is facing unparalleled challenges and daunting mental health problems our meditation classes are needed more than ever.

“By coming to classes, I have gained some insights into myself that have helped me understand my anxiety and anger. This practice and community have been life changing for me.” —Kathy, new KMC CO member.

This is amazing! How can I give?

  • Donate directly through our website: Donation link
  • Mail a check to 4840 West 29th Avenue, Denver, CO 80212
  • Donate investments to KMC CO and save on taxes
  • Host a Facebook Fundraiser

The Power of Your Gift

Giving to KMC CO right now is a unique opportunity to be part of a project that will immediately bring benefit to thousands of people and will continue to bring benefit for generations to come. 

The Power of Your Gift

Every little bit counts, and your gift is deeply meaningful. Giving to KMC CO right now is a unique opportunity to be part of a project that will bring benefit to thousands of people and provide sanctuary for generations to come. Your contribution, like the Center, is dedicated to world peace.

Please contact Kate Franklin at with any questions

* all donations are considered undesignated funds to go to the further expansion and running of Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado

Donate Now!

Imagine the BENEFITS of a newly renovated center in Denver!

  • A more comfortable and quiet meditation room that fits 100+ people.
  • Close to Sloan’s Lake and just 4 miles from downtown with convenient parking.
  • A second multi-use room for video links and increased programming.
  • A bookstore, lounge and outdoor patio – making KMC CO a great place to hang out!
  • Attractive, modern accommodations for up to 8 residents.

We’ve come so far!

We started in Denver as Avalokiteshvara Center in 2000 as a branch of Heruka Center in Fort Collins, meeting in a rented room. We grew to the point that we could first purchase a house in Cap HIll and later lease a commercial space downtown; and the community has steadily grown over these past 21 years.

Thousands of Coloradans have walked through KMC Colorado’s doors to learn how to meditate and tap into their own inner source of happiness. In the past couple of years, we have strengthened our presence and purpose despite the disruption wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our membership, the most important of our financial indicators, has increased steadily year by year.

We need a larger and more accessible Center that welcomes and supports a thriving and growing community of engaged practitioners, newcomers, volunteers, and visitors. We want to raise our profile to reach everyone who would like to learn about Buddhism or meditation, or who just needs to find some measure of peace and sanity in these challenging times. We have found the perfect spot!

Where has our success come from?

“Regardless of background, anyone can benefit from Buddha’s teachings -- they are a tried and tested method for connecting us to our limitless potential, developing peace and happiness, and actually solving our own and others’ daily problems. Kadampa Buddhism is modern Buddhism -- Buddha’s teachings and meditation practices without any cultural or political overlay, presented in a clear, practical, and accessible manner. Because it is directly applicable to our modern daily lives and issues, and because people enjoy it, it is now being embraced not just here in Denver but in many cities in America and in over 60 countries.” —Kadam Lucy James, Resident Teacher of KMC CO

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4840 West 29th Avenue
Denver, CO 80212

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