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Lay Pratimoksha Vow Ceremony

Sunday, May 19th | 7:00-8:30pm

with Kadam Lucy James

Lay Pratimoksha Vow Ceremony

Sunday, May 19th | 7:00pm - 8:30pm


* To receive these Pratimoksha vows, it is necessary to write to Kadam Lucy to request them: 
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The Pratimoksha vow is a moral discipline practice motivated by renunciation that is directly received from a qualified Preceptor. The heart of this practice is training in renunciation — the strong wish to attain permanent liberation from taking contaminated rebirth, samsara. "Pratimoksha" means individual liberation, so these are the vows of individual liberation.

By taking precepts or vows, all our actions become more powerful in causing happiness, purifying our mind, and providing a firm foundation for attaining liberation or full enlightenment. 

To receive these Pratimoksha vows or precepts, it is necessary to write to Kadam Lucy to request them individually. Contact for Kadam Lucy:

The five precepts are: to abandon killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, and lying, and to abstain from intoxicants. These precepts are taken for life.

Kadam Lucy will explain this moral discipline practice, the correct motivation, what each precept entails, and the many benefits we will receive from taking and observing them. She will then grant the precepts.

You can receive the precepts for the first time or use this opportunity to renew or strengthen them if you have taken them before.

More information on the three types of vows within Buddhism:

More information on Moral Discipline as described by Buddhism:


Kadam Lucy James

Our main teacher at KMC Colorado is Kadam Lucy James. One of the senior teachers of Kadampa Buddhism, Kadam Lucy has taught extensively in England, Florida, and San Francisco, and helped set up many thriving meditation centers since 1981. She is a leading expert in meditation and is regularly invited to teach courses around the United States and Europe due to her skill in presenting both simple and profound subjects with great clarity. For many years, one of her main jobs was to help with the editing and production of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s books, and she has engaged in extensive meditation retreat.

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