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About Retreats

What is Retreat?

The Tibetan word for retreat is ‘tsam’, which means ‘stop’ or ‘make a break’. This indicates we must stop, or make a break from, our normal activities and concentrate on a particular spiritual practice. The most important thing to stop during retreat is our distractions—to stop our busy mind.

At Kadampa Meditation Center, we offer a variety of retreats to give the practitioner an opportunity to ‘take a break’ from normal activities and a distracted mind.

Day Retreats, Meditation Workshops, and Away Retreats

These retreats are offered throughout the year at the center and provide an opportunity to gain retreat experience in a quiet, peaceful environment. We offer meditation retreats that range from half-day retreats on Saturdays, to full weekends, to away retreats during which we stay at a retreat center in the mountains. These relaxing and profound retreats help us create the space to more deeply contemplate and meditate on specific teachings.

Upcoming Retreats & Special Events

What are the Preliminary Guide Retreats?

Preliminary Guide Retreats are held every year at the center. They are usually a week in length, four sessions a day, and allow people to gain deeper experience of a particular practice. They are an integral part of the Teacher Training Program (TTP), but are also open to everyone. You may attend any number of sessions. Preliminary Guide Retreats include the following: 

  • Refuge Retreat
  • Guru Yoga Mandala Offering Retreat
  • Vajrasattva Purification Retreat
Visit Our Preliminary Guide Page

Upcoming Retreats & Special Events

Meditation & the Art of Being Happy— Meditation Events

Tuesdays, December 6th & 13th

Enjoy a two part series on the art of being happy! Whenever our mind is at peace, we are naturally happy and positive. In a world of so many pressures, it is comforting and essential to know that a simple meditation practice can bring immediate peace to our life. During this two part series, you will learn basic Buddhist meditation techniques that have been practiced for thousands of years, and effective methods for letting go of anxiety and cultivating joy. 


New Year's Rocky Mountain Retreat

Saturday, December 31st -  Monday, January 2nd

Welcome the new year with a guided retreat on love, compassion and the supreme good heart, based on time-honored Buddhist Instructions from the book The New Eight Steps to Happiness.


Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka Close Retreat

January 2023

Join us for this special close retreat where you will be able to deepen your faith and reliance upon Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka following the oral instructions that Gen-la Dekyong received directly from Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. 

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