Meditations for World Peace

Drop-in Class (General Program)

Sundays, 10:30am – 12:00pm 
Followed by an optional Zoom discussion


$12 per class, or $35 for monthly series

Free for Monthly Supporting Members


Missed the livestream or want to watch again? Video replay will be available after the livestream ends for 1 week. Look for the email with a video replay link.

Teaching & Guided Meditation
Drop-in Class
10:30am - 12:00pm

Main Teacher
Kadam Lucy James is internationally renowned for her depth of meditation and teaching experience and her joyful example of applying meditation to her daily life.

April series

Self-care for the real world

Lets face it, life can be busy and filled with situations that can cause tension and stress. We love our family and friends but how do we take care of our life responsibilities without over extending ourself? How do we navigate the world we live in and remain the good person we wish to be for ourself and others?

Kadam Lucy James will explain how, in using Buddhist wisdom, we can learn to truly take care of ourselves in order to bring the happiness that will contribute to the well being of others and the greater world around us. You will learn achievable spiritual steps for happiness and how you can apply them to your own life, wherever you are.

Topics & Schedule
with Kadam Lucy (unless specified otherwise)

April 4: Dealing with Burnout

April 11: Over zoomed tackling tech fatigue and addiction

April 18: Goodbye guilt

April 25: Getting Motivated: Finding the will to live! ( taught by a guest teacher)

More information

Are you at a loss at how to help our world? Don’t be! Be part of a real peace initiative, learning practical meditations that will remove the causes of conflict and bring happiness and healing to yourself and others. We are not separate from our world; each of us influences this planet and everyone on it. In these uncertain times it is so important to learn to meditate, for the bigger our heart the more difference we will make.

  • These classes are suitable for both beginners and more experienced meditation practitioners.
  • The classes are designed as a series, but can also be attended individually.
  • All classes are currently livestream.

Everyone welcome!

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Due to Covid 19 Pandemic the Center is physically closed. We are offering all our classes livestream. 

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