Renovation project almost complete! | First GP class at newly remodeled KMC on Wed. Dec. 13!

Thursday Morning
Meditation Classes

in-person & online

7:30am - 8:00am



Livestream for Supporting Members only. Please sign up to become a Supporting Member to attend the livestream,

Walk-ins welcome


Better Buzz Yoga
2714 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80211

From DECEMBER 14 the Morning Meditation classes will be held at:

Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado
4840 W 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80212

Thursday Morning Meditations

If you’re a morning person, this short meditation class is for you, and if you’re not, it’s for you too!

Starting your day with 30 minutes of meditation can make everything go a lot smoother. By spending time in meditation, you will learn how to access the natural peace and power that exist within your mind, which will give you real confidence and joy in daily activities.

Dylan Jordan

Dylan has been studying and practicing Buddhist meditation for many years. He is appreciated for his incredible kind-heartedness. His light and practical style brings Buddha’s teachings to life in an easily accessible way. Through his example, Dylan demonstrates how every moment of our life can be meaningful.

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