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The Joy of a Spiritual Life

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Maria's teachings radiate her simplicity, loving spirit, and the incredible enjoyment Dharma is, in her own life.

August Series

The Joy of a Spiritual Life

When we lack a spiritual path, we can’t transform challenging situations. Difficulties arise but all we can do is become sad, depressed, or turn to our friends or some form of physical activity, therapy or relief. We manage. We escape. We repress. And it all stays the same.

However, if we have a spiritual path, our adversities can become the source of our very wisdom, compassion, and happiness. And, we can also learn how to truly help others for the benefit of our friends, family, and community. 

For instance, through meditation we can realize that ‘adverse’ is just a label. We have all seen people who remain calm and focused in the midst of misfortune. The good news is: we all have the inner power to become that person. 

Through these classes we will train in identifying the nature of our own challenges and developing the wisdom to use them in our favor, so as to grow our spiritual path and overcome unpeaceful states of mind. We will also gain practical experience on how to succeed in our spiritual path by relying upon a happy mind alone and enduring both good and bad circumstances. 

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Dates & Topic

with Maria Consol

August 3rd  & August 10th: No Class due to International  Summer Festival 
Learn more about Kadampa Summer Festival!

August 17— Why? How? Understanding the Law of Karma and Developing Renunciation and Compassion

August 24—Adverse is Just a Label: Applying Wisdom to Defeat Suffering

August 31—Tips to a Successful Spiritual Path

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The profound tools of transformation within Buddhist meditation give us the ability to become the person we wish to be: more dynamic, confident, kinder, more loving, peaceful, and happier. In each series of classes, we explore how we can use Buddhist meditation to stay connected to our pure potential. This connection gives us the ability to enjoy a deeply meaningful, rewarding and happy life.

  • Our general program classes include practical Buddhist teachings along with guided meditations.
  • These classes are suitable for both beginners and more experienced meditation practitioners.
  • The classes are designed as a series, but can also be attended individually.

Everyone welcome!

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