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Teaching & Guided Meditation

LJ teaches from a wealth of understanding and experience from applying Buddha's teachings to modern busy life. 

May Series

Accessing Inner Peace: Finding Solutions to Difficult Situations

These classes will look at developing a path to inner peace in our mind, which will increase our concentration and our capacity for spiritual practice through meditation.

Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, appeared in this world in 624 BC. Just as doctors give different medicine to people with different illnesses, so Buddha gave different teachings to people with different problems and capacities. We will be looking at all of the stages of the path to permanent inner peace and enlightenment. This path is called the Stages of the Path or Lamrim meditations and come directly from Buddha himself.

Topics & Dates
with LJ Aaen

*Limited space, must preregister for in-person

May 3 - Protecting yourself from negativity
May 10 - Creating happiness, not problems
May 17 - We have extraordinary spiritual potential
May 24 - Our world is a reflection of our mind
May 31 - We are all deeply interconnected

June Series

Exchanging Self with Others

Since cherishing myself is the door to all faults
And cherishing mother beings is the foundation of all good qualities,
I seek your blessings to take as my essential practice
The yoga of exchanging self with others.

These two verses summarize the actual practice of exchanging self with others. Buddhas have attained enlightenment by abandoning self-cherishing and cherishing only others, and so they are able to work continuously for others. During this special set of June classes, you will receive teachings and guided meditations on the practice of Exchanging Self with Others.  This yoga is one of the most important and practical of all of Buddha’s teachings.

By training our mind to be more aware of the happiness and well being of others, and meditating on this precious mind, we have the ability to change the way we see and interact with others in our daily life and in our world. In this way, we will solve all of our problems and we will experience deep inner peace.

Topics & Dates

*Limited space, must preregister for in-person

June 7 - Awakening the heart with LJ Aaen
June 14 - Setting our love free with Billy Lee Elrick
June 21 - Taking away the pain of the world with Billy Lee Elrick
June 28 - Understanding our Ego with LJ Aaen

Ljubica Aaen (Lj)

LJ has been teaching meditation for many years, having started in Phoenix and then London and now Denver. As a mother and working professional, LJ teaches from a wealth of understanding and experience from applying Buddha's teachings to modern busy life. Classes with LJ are sure to leave you with something to ponder, practice and be happy about.

Billy Lee Elrick

Billy Lee found Kadampa meditation here in Denver in 2000 and has devoted herself to the practice, as well as participated in countless volunteer activities at the Center. A life-long educator with a very big heart.

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The profound tools of transformation within Buddhist meditation give us the ability to become the person we wish to be: More dynamic, confident, kind, loving, peaceful and happy. In each series of classes, we explore how we can use Buddhist meditation to stay connected to our pure potential. This connection gives us the ability to enjoy a deeply meaningful, rewarding and happy life.

  • Our General Program classes include practical Buddhist teachings along with guided meditations.
  • These classes are suitable for both beginners and more experienced meditation practitioners.
  • The classes are designed as a series, but can also be attended individually.

Everyone welcome!

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