Living Lightly & in the Moment

Drop-in Class (General Program)

Tuesdays, 7:00 – 8:30pm


$12 per class, or $35 for monthly series

Free for Monthly Supporting Members


Missed the livestream or want to watch again? Video replay will be available after the livestream ends for 1 week. Look for the email with a video replay link.

Teaching & Guided Meditation
Drop-in Class
7:00 - 8:30pm

Ljubica (LJ) Aaen is an inspiring Kadampa Buddhist teacher who brings into her teachings a wealth of both understanding and demonstration of practicing meditation to enjoy a happy life.

April Series

Living Lightly and in the Moment

These are challenging times for many people, but they are also an opportunity to transform these challenges into the spiritual path. The problems we face in life, which seem so solid and real, will disappear like last night’s bad dream when we apply Buddha’s teachings on emptiness, the way things actually exist as opposed to the way they appear and how to transform bad conditions into the spiritual path. Buddha’s teachings on how to view things helps us to understand that we can overcome our fears and gradually become more peaceful, flexible, and creative.

Dates & Topics

April 6 – The art of living lightly

April 13 – Escape to reality

April 20 – Transforming challenges into opportunities I

April 27 – Transforming challenges into opportunities II

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The profound tools of transformation within Buddhist meditation give us the ability to become the person we wish to be: more dynamic, confident, kinder, more loving, peaceful, and happier. In each series of classes, we explore how we can use Buddhist meditation to stay connected to our pure potential. This connection gives us the ability to enjoy a deeply meaningful, rewarding and happy life.

  • Our general program classes include practical Buddhist teachings along with guided meditations.
  • These classes are suitable for both beginners and more experienced meditation practitioners.
  • The classes are designed as a series, but can also be attended individually.

Everyone welcome!

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Due to Covid 19 Pandemic the Center is physically closed. We are offering all our classes livestream. 

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