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Vajrasattva Retreat

Unguided Preliminary Guide Retreat

December 9- 13

December 9 - 13

Vajrasattva Retreat


Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado

4840 West 29th Avenue
Denver, CO 80212

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About this Retreat

This retreat is a powerful method for purifying our negative karma. By deepening our reliance on Buddha Vajrasattva in this retreat, we will cleanse our mind of delusions, negativities, and obstacles that both cause us suffering and hold us back from reaching our full inner potential.

"Through the power of recitation and visualization, and through receiving Vajrasattva’s blessings, we will gradually purify our mind and our actions. In this way we can improve our qualities as a human being, and eventually become a special holy being."

~ Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, teachings on Vajrasattva, 1993

This retreat is offered in follow up to the Vajrasattva Empowerment, to deepen our familiarity with the practice of purification. This beautiful practice enables us to actualize our potential for enlightenment swiftly and can easily be integrated in to our daily life. This retreat will be partly guided.

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Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado
4840 West 29th Avenue
, Denver, CO 80212

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