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What the world needs now... and always: a letter from Kadam Lucy

Happy Juneteenth!

I wanted to check in to say hello to you all, hoping you’re all well and enjoying the livestream. Please still be safe and careful out there, COVID has by no means left us yet.

We posted this the other day, and I will put it here too in case you missed it:

“No matter your race, religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation, age, or otherwise, everyone is welcome at KMC Colorado and all Kadampa Centers. Our teachings do not discriminate against anyone as they are founded in the equality of all beings — human and animal alike. We believe that everyone can benefit from meditation and Buddhism. With inner peace, wisdom, and compassion we can all make a better world now and for generations to come.”

Join us in seeking truth, compassion, and peace.
Dharma has the answers to all our inner problems of delusions that, if we are honest, we all harbor if we are still in samsara, including ignorance, confusion, and umpteen varieties of mistaken discrimination :). By working on these inner problems, and improving our love, compassion, and wisdom — all within the framework of our boundless peaceful Buddha nature — it turns out that we also become more effective at dealing with outer problems such as systemic racism, animal abuse, sexism, and so on, as well as any of the other samsaric problems that show up in our daily lives. At some point we no longer have any trepidation or discomfort in facing what shows up in our mind or in our world because through training we have become a fearless Bodhisattva.

For example, Buddha taught that living beings have no faults, that they are our kind mothers, that only delusions have faults. Delusions are the enemies of living beings, not each other. Within that context, we can channel our anger into destroying the real enemies of us all, our delusions. Meanwhile, Buddha also gave many teachings on how to recognize and eliminate our own mistaken discriminations based on feeling self-centered or prideful or defensive or guilty, etc etc., all within the context that we can deal with all of this without panicking! — these attitudes are not us, they are simply clouds in an infinite sky.

Coming up this week is a whole Festival based on developing our Loving Kindness! This is exactly what we and our whole world need, not just now but always. I am sure some of the themes I mentioned above will be touched upon, along with many beautiful inspiring methods for developing our loving kindness. The empowerment of Buddha Maitreya will powerfully activate our natural good heart. The teachings and meditations with not just Gen-la Dekyong but with Gen Rigpa and Gen Demo will be so helpful. And the retreat with Kadam Morten is also definitely not to be missed.

Through training like this, we will truly become a source of joy for all the living beings we meet and try to help. I do hope you can join in.

The Festival starts tonight and teachings are available until 11 am EDT on Friday, July 3. This means registration will remain open until Wednesday, June 24. If you can register today and start as soon as possible, wonderful – but if you need extra time to clear some space, you can join in the teachings, meditations, and retreat according to your own schedule.

Here is the link for more information about the US Festival and registration.
Also coming up next week, Saturday June 27 is our own Refuge Day, for me one of the most important events of our whole year. We all need a reliable source of refuge and protection to be able to make progress on and complete the spiritual path, not to mention find the daily courage to deal with life’s ups and downs. Also, do check out Alex’s very practical classes on Tuesday; and we will be keeping you posted on a brilliant summer line up of teachings!

As always, if you want to get in touch with me, please do — my email is rt@kmc-co-backup.local

With love and prayers,
Kadam Lucy

Post by Kadam Lucy James
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